Sunday, February 27, 2011 - Highest Paying network around $65/1000 downloads

UserShare can be used to store and stream movies and most audio formats (such as MP3, M4A, MKV, RNVB, WAV, MIDI and more). UserShare offers an array of features and updated everyday. UserShare boasts the highest payouts and operates one of the fastest networks in the business.

Speed Test Here:

Here are our rates (We count all countries!):

List of Country Groups (A, B, C, D) available here:

FAQ Answered:

*Free users download unlimted

*NOT 1 ip per 24hr, but 1 ip per unique file( If 10 different files are downloaded by the same ip it is counted)

*Hotlink downloads counted (This means when you hotlink a file and its downloaded, its counted and money given)

*Free hotlink bandwidth given

*Free User storage space =500GB

*Premium User storage space = Unlimited

*Free/Registered Users can use FTP , just activate in their account

*Rapid leech plugin can be downloaded here (working on being fixed)

*Payments made every 3 days

Questions and comments can be asked here or via our Live Support on

How you can Ask for Money in an AlertPay Account?

Whether you need to receive money from the customer or else you are in dire need of money and want to demand some amount from your friends or family, in both cases AlertPay provides you with simple and easy convenient solution to deliver money request to get it quickly. You just need to follow easy steps given here:

1 - Sign in to your AlertPay account.
2 - Click on the "Request Money" tab.
3 - Enter the email address of the person you're requesting money and then enter the amount requested.

After you send invoice to anyone, AlertPay delivers an email notification to that person immediately to make sure him about the money request. You can send invoices to anyone no matter whether he's an AlertPay member or not yet. Procedure will be very same in both cases, but a non member must open up an AlertPay account and transfer funds to it to fulfill your money request. Therefore if you are submitting invoice to a non member then e-mail notification must have an invitation to open account in AlertPay.

Things to Ponder Over while Dispatching Invoice through AlertPay Account

Remember the person you're sending money invoice must have to accept the request to send you money in response. If he does not accept the money request you will not get the money requested. So if you are not getting money after sending invoice then contact that person for further process because there is no delay from AlertPay side. Any possible delay will be related to your recipient's late acceptance or you might enter a wrong email address while requesting the money.

AlertPay is really a secretly managed company which was launched in 2004. Although they’re headquartered in Canada, they're authorized in the United States.

You might think that PayPal is the only company that provides online money transfers because they’re the one that’s most widely-used and also advertised. However there are alternatives to PayPal that you should be aware of, especially if you’re someone who does a lot of business online.

AlertPay won’t topple PayPal off the top of the mountain anytime in the near future, but they’re growing fast and increasing market share. AlertPay is really a independently owned company that was founded in 2004. Although they’re based in Canada, they're registered in the United States.

Their fees, on the whole, are higher than PayPal’s, although AlertPay users won’t encounter high chargeback rates like they'll when using some other online money transfer companies. Generally, AlertPay’s fees come in under fees for 2checkout, which makes them a fantastic option.

If you’re an internet based merchant, you need to take a look at AlertPay, because their merchant rates are extremely affordable and they don’t charge outrageous up-front costs that normally come when implementing a merchant account. Additionally, AlertPay is a wonderful alternative for small, online business owners because gateway fees, SSL certificates, shopping carts and web site integration aren’t cost effective for business owners who're just getting started.

One worry that lots of people have when it comes to online money transfers is the safety of their funds, and with AlertPay, you can rest assured simply because funds that’s placed in a registered AlertPay account is covered by the FDIC and also the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

AlertPay also employs a policy called, Know Your Customer. This insurance policy ensures that each account is protected by keeping the identity of the account holder private.


AlertPay is a privately owned and managed online payment business that was first founded in 2004. The AlertPay online payment system provides people and businesses with the ability to pay and receive payments, completely online. Registered users are able to do this without making any personal or financial information public
AlertPay is a registered corporation in both Canada and the United States, AlertPay is in full compliance with the guidelines and regulations of the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada), FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada), and FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). AlertPay was formed in 2004 and is now the employer of over 45 full time staff. AlertPay is based out of Montreal, Quebec in Canada. By August of 2008, AlertPay had 2.1 million registered accounts. This large number of users comes from their obvious versatility, AlertPay supports 22 currencies and is available for use in 206 countries all over the world.

At AlertPay they are committed to the notion that a business should know it's customers. This ensures a secure and safe system for each of the AlertPay accounts. AlertPay still respects their customers rights to privacy, though, and stand by their Privacy Policy to make sure that the clientèle's identity is known solely to them.

Every cent placed into an AlertPay registered account is insured with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation in the U.S. and Canada, respectively. Each account is held with federally chartered and regulated banks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

FREE - Revealed Secrets of Making $4,000/month On Autopilot by Selling Links

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars
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Let me tell you about my eBook. This is a complete Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start Making Big Money Just Selling Links.

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1 - My Business Review
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2.5 Adding Content to Your Website
2.6 The Importance of Backlinks
3 - Adding a Site to
3.1 The Requirements for Participating Sites
3.2 How to Install Code (PHP, Perl, ASP)
3.3 Adding Code to WordPress and Joomla
4 - Bonus
4.1 How to Minimize the Risk of Being Banned by Google
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Friday, February 18, 2011 - Legit - NOT SCAM

Pay Per Ad = Up to $4 per 1000 Visitors (Depending on location of the viewer)

Min to Cashout = $5 (1st Monday of every month)

Payment Method = Paypal / Alertpay

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Payment Proof =

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Web Site Promotion Guide - Convert Traffic into Money

Promoting your website is the key in earning money. Good promotion means good amount of traffic and traffic is money for you.
Here are basic 5 ways to promote your website no matter what kind of a website you run.
  •     Social Bookmarking
  •     Forum Posting
  •     Blog Posting
  •     Directory Submission
  •     Link Exchange
There are many bookmarking services like,, etc. People bookmark their favorite sites to make them available to them no matter where ever they are. Similarly, people also like to search through bookmarks of others as they  feel it valuable. Hence bookmarking your website (maximum pages) can result in good and quality traffic coming to your site.

Forum Posting is a way by which webmasters sign up on forums related to their website niche and then participate in discussions while leaving their website’s signature in the footer of their message. It is important that one should use appropriate keyword as anchor text for such footers so that it should not only attract its reader but also become useful in improving search engine rankings. Usually forums allow up to 3 signature links in your forum posts. However several forums don’t allow even one. So be careful and choose only those forums where they allow signatures.

Blog Posting is very useful if you do run your own blog. Go and search about blogs related to your blog and then read posts to submit your comments on that with a link to your website. Usually blog comments are  submitted with a link back to your site. Moreover, you can also refer to a particular post URL of your blog in the comment message if it is related to the post your are commenting on. This will direct more visitors to your site. Blog Posts can also help improve your search engine ranking. However Google only counts Do Follow blog comments. So be careful while posting.

Directory Submission is an old but still useful way of promoting a new website. There are thousands of website directories available on internet that allows you free or paid listing. Initially, you can only focus on free directories but later on as you grow, you can purchase listing in good quality directories such as yahoo directory.

Link Exchange is a bit technical stuff for webmasters. In this way, website owner search related websites and then drop them an email to see if they are interested in link exchange. A two way link exchange give equal benefits to both parties. However there are also more advanced techniques such as Tree-Way link exchanges that give the benefits of one way links. Moreover, some sites also sell one way links on per month or year basis. However google dislike link trade. So better to avoid it.

5 Steps to Earn Money Online - NO Investment Needed !

Do you want to start making money with ZERO Investment?

You can do it. The only thing that you need to know is how to write in English. Also, one hour daily or more if you can spare.  Follow 5 steps below to get started with your journey right a way.

Step 1: Create a Free Blog account for yourself. Visit or to create your very first blog.

{Here is a tutorial for you to quickly assist in this step}
Step 2: Now start posting some blog posts about the topic you love to talk or discuss with your friends. Such as games like Cricket, Politics, Your job field, or anything in your life that you feel you have some valuable knowledge to share.

Step 3: After writing every post, don’t forget to bookmark it to some social networks like,, etc.

Step 4: Spent just half an hour to search different forums and participate in the discussion related to your blog topic. Leave your blog’s link in your signatures so that interested people can follow it to reach you.

Step 5: Go and apply for an Adsense Account. Once you got approval, integrate it with your blog at or  It is quite easy to visually configure as how to put Google Adsense ads on your blog. Go and play with different placements to see which one gives you maximum benefit.

Depending upon your selection of topic and field, you can earn around $5 to $30 on your first month and can make it double every month coming after that.

Go … and Give It A Try.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Quick Fly ( - Google Chrome Extension

The Quick Fly

The quick fly is an extension that makes it easier then ever to earn money with the link shortener
With just one click the page you are on will be converted to an link that you can then post and make money of. Or maby you just wanna use it to get short links.

This requires an account at If you dont have one consider getting one. Just click the banner.

Monday, February 14, 2011

*NEW* Twitter Method to AutoTweet links while u sleep

Let me introduce the Brand New Twitter Method I've created specially for you, guys! With this method, you can post RSS feeds automagically to a Twitter account, so you can earn money even while you sleep!!!

What do you need?
  1. An Account
  2. A Twitter Account
  3. A Twitterfeed account

Step 1: Go to the Tools panel, and then to "Easy link" section. There you'll be presented with a url code that should look like this.
where XXXXXX is your unique code. Take note of this code as it is important!

Step 2: Look for interesting feeds. Maybe some news, blogs, or anything. Make it look professional so you can gain more followers. Aim for English-US audiences in mind as it's the Top-tier.

Step 3: Create your Twitter account and then a twitterfeed account. Link both of them. exposing it's an link.

Step 4: Add the following feed to your twitterfeed account.
For example, it we were going to add the CNN feed, the link would go like this:
Step 5: In twitterfeed "Shorten link through" choose custom and paste this link ADFLY API KEY&uid=YOUR USER ID&
Step 5:Add a lot of feeds, but not too much. We don't want to scare people right?. Add a lot of friends and you're ready to go. Try to add #teamfollowback people first, to increase your followers count, and then go for the real deal. Use your imagination.

Hope this help you to earn a LOT OF MONEY!

vBGEN - vBulletin Online KeyGen

Made from the [x-MoBiLe] keygen vBulletin release, users can now download a fully keygened release of the latest vBulletin and their genereated license details straight form the web!
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

WSO-Get Hundreds/Thousands of Laser Targeted Visitors EASILY

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Make any song on your computer a ringtone on your iPhone

So after a bit of reading I've figured out a way to make your own ringtones out of any song on your computer for your iPhone. This will work on any of the 4 iPhones (2G, 3G, 3G[S], 4, and possibly the iPad).

It goes like this.

1. Add file(s) to your iTunes library.

2. Right click Get Info, then options tab.

3. Make the start time and stop time the duration of the ringtone you'd like to use (no longer than 40 seconds though). For example, if you'd like to use the first 40 seconds of a song, make the start time 0:00 and the end time 0:40. If you want to use from 1:40-2:20 then do it like that, just make sure you use whichever part of the song you want to be your ringer and also make sure it doesn't exceed 40 seconds. After you've selected which part of the song will be your ringer, click OK.

4. Right click the song, and click 'Convert Selection to AAC'.

5. Go to your desktop, and make a folder called Ringtones. Once you've done that, go back to iTunes, right click the newly created clip and click copy. Paste it in the folder you just made.

6. Rename the file from whateversongyoupicked.m4a to whateversongyoupicked.m4r (in order to see file extensions you might have to play with your settings a bit) (whateversongyoupicked is just the example, you don't need to change the name of the song, just the extension).

7. Double click the file and it will add it to the ringtones library in iTunes.

8. Sync/Resync your iPhone, and it will be added as a ringtone.

Free, easy, hackless.

Please leave thanks if it worked!

Shutdown Computer with Your Cell Phone

Using this method, a user can shutdown, restart, hibernate, etc. his or her computer, just by sending an email from his or her phone.

To do this, all you will need is Microsoft Outlook which should come with Microsoft Office, which most people have. This will need to be on the computer wish you wish to shutdown.

So, this is how you do this:

1. First, you need the batch files to perform the Shutdown, Hibernate etc. You can write them down yourselves

2. open your note pad

and write lik this...

c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00

and save it as shutdown.bat

3. Open up Microsoft Outlook. Make sure that you have already configured it for your email.Now we will need to make it so that Outlook checks your inbox about every minute (1 minute for testing time can be increased if a delayed shutdown is desired). You can do this by going to Tools: Options.

4. Then click the Mail Setup tab, and afterwards, the Send/Receive button.

5. Make sure that the Schedule an automatic send/receive every... box is checked, and set the number of minutes to 1. Now you may close all of these dialog boxes.

6. Now go to Tools: Rules and Alerts... Next click the options button in the upper right hand corner and press the Import Rules button.

7. Now select the shutdown.bat file ...whi u hv created ...

8. Now, when you send a message from your phone to your e-mail address with the subject shutdown or smsshutdown%%, your computer will shutdown.

Use of any of the Isolated or dead E-mail address or any e-mail will shutdown your computer. Enjoy..

YouTube Bot FREE (increase views)



Comes with proxies list for people who don't know how to get them themselves.

All credits to the creator

[Funny] The History of Facebook

Ever wonder what it would be like if there was Facebook 300 years ago? LOL…
The Funniest Facebook Updates, Funny Blogs, The Best of Facebook
By Far The Funniest Facebook Status Updates Ever.

Free Call to Any Country Works 100%

Using this VOIP program, you can call landline numbers in any country for FREE."

FreeCall is still a Freeware app but you only get 300 minutes a week.

To bypass this restriction:

Keep the setup.exe. Freecall's protection system is quite flawed, when the program announces you cannot use any more minutes = Uninstall and reinstall and it will reset your 300 minutes which only takes a moment.

A)You MUST make an account with the program when it loads up. Then when your logged in (it will say at the bottom: 'The client is logged on')

B)Go to the dial pad TAB, ignore the on screen buttons, at the bottom type in your number and remember you need to add country codes at the beginning - NO spaces in the number either.

C) And it does do all countries for free - i've used it from NZ to england, USA, Spain and Aussie and they used it back.

D) If it didn't work, you need to check your firewall settings etc, this is an obvious but a program like this needs full access. .

How to Fix Folder Options Missing Problem

Hello Friends Today I am going to tell how get back the Folder Options .Most of times it happens that viruses infects your system and folder options becomes missing. First of all friends I share one thing with you all that 90 percent of doesn't delete things on your Computer they just modify their properties like either they hide them or corrupt them. And your information there are several ways to recover from that. Today I am sharing with you "How o fix Folder Options Missing Problem".

1. Go to the Start Menu and open the run.

2. In the Run Type "gpedit.msc" (Without quotes) and press enter.

3.Now you will see Something like this..

4.Now Go to User Configuration>>>Administrative Templates>>>Windows Component>>>Windows Explorer.

5.Click on Windows Explorer you will find the 3rd option on the right side of screen "Removes the Folder Option menu item from the Tools menu".

6.Just check it, if it is not configured then change it to enable by double clicking on it and after applying again set it to not configured.

7.I hopes that you will find the option after restarting windows.

That's the Overall Process of fixing the Folder Options Missing Problem....

How To Hack Zynga Poker (Trick)

This method works with IE and Firefox.
Important: I'm doing it with IE but you can follow the same steps to do it with Firefox!

Here we go:

1) Open IE and go to this link :

2) It's an official Zynga Game Bar. Download it and install it. (It's adware and spyware FREE!)

3) Once you are done installing you'll see this bar:

4) Now click on the 'facebook icon' on the toolbar and you'll get this:

5) Login using your account.

6) Once you login the toolbar kind of refreshed in 5-10 seconds and you see a green 'play now' button.

7) Click that. It'll take you to the Zynga App.

You'll now get $25k, click on the green 'Accept $25k' button :

9) Now close IE (just from the close button)

10) Open IE again. Now click the 'facebook icon' again and it'll again ask you for a login.

11) Now enter a different account and repeat steps 4-8.

12) You'll get 25k AGAIN!

13) You can do this with UNLIMITED accounts and then keep transferring chips to one account.

How To Unlock Your BlackBerry Smartphone Free

This is a tutorial on how to unlock your BlackBerry.
To my knowledge it works on all BlackBerry phones but i may be wrong.

1. Download and install Microsoft NET Framework 2.0

2. Download and install Blackberry desktop manager v4.7.0.32

3. Download and install Blackberry Operating System

4. Delete the vendor.xml file located in c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader

5. Download and install MFI Multiloader.

6. Open MFI Multiloader shortcut on your PC and wait until shows up as:

7. Then your phone should be like this on screen:Unlocking a BlackBerry Pearl

8. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager on your PC and read how to update/reinstall BlackBerry Operating System explained below. How To update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ? Connect your device to your computer. Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Click Application Loader. Click Start in Add/Remove Applications or Update Applications. If necessary, perform the following actions: If the Device Security Password dialog box appears, type your device password. Click Next. If the Communication Port Selection dialog box appears, specify a communications port. Click Next. Click Next. Perform any of the following actions: To add an application that appears in the list, select the check box beside the application. To add an application that does not appear in the list, click Browse. Double-click an application loader (.alx or .ali) file. Click Next.

9. Click Finish.

Congratulations, your BlackBerry unlock is done for free! You can now replace your SIM and memory card and set up your phone the way you like it.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 4G

Step 1: Download the Greenpois0n from (if you think this link is infected search google for greenpois0n and download it )

Step 2: Extract and run greenpois0n,then plug in your Apple item.

Step 3: Turn your apple item off.
[Image: powerOff.png]

]Step 4: Press “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)” button in greenpois0n, you will be guided by Greenpois0n on how to perform next steps.

[Image: greenpois0n-jailbreak-how-to-02.jpg]

Step 5: Follow the steps (try being exact),Once you’re in DFU mode, click the ‘Jailbreak!’ button to jailbreak your iPhone.

[Image: greenpois0n-jailbreak-how-to-04.jpg]

Step 6: Now, just wait until the status bar shows complete, and your device will reboot to the home screen.

Step 7: You should now have a new “Loader” icon on your springboard. Launch Loader. Select Cydia > Install Cydia.

Step 8: One Cydia has successfully been installed, you will be asked if you want to remove Loader. Hit “Remove” and you iPhone will automatically reboot.You will obtain a "Cydia" icon.

[Image: cydia-crashing-problem.jpg]

It is JailBreaked :) know lets work on cydia:

-Start “Cydia” on your iPhone.

-Touch on “Manage” tab on the bottom.

-Now touch on “Sources”

-Touch on “Edit” and then on “Add”. You will be prompted to enter a url source as seen in the screenshot below. Type “” and touch on“Add Source” .

-Know Go and search for "Appsync" and select your version , I used for my Iphone "Appsync for 4.1 os"

[Image: AppSync-4.1.jpg]

-Know Go to itunes on your computer (you should have the apple item ex: iphone plugged into the pc), and download any application , then sync it into your Iphone.

-We are nearly done ,Open cydia and search for Installous 3 (Note : don't choose Install0us the one with "0")

[Image: Installous-Cydia.jpg]

- Open Installous and start downloading apps.

Recover windows xp after virus attack

Hello guys , as we all know nowadays virus attacks are very common and we have to have lot of problems because of viruses like task manager does not opens,folder options missing, registry has been disabled by administrator,cannot find dll and so on. These are very common problems and can happen with any of us so we must know to fix these problems without formatting your windows XP. Most of the virus infects your basic programs i.e task manager,registry,group policy editor,boot up,folder properties etc. Today i will tell how to Fix windows Xp after virus attack in this article. So guys read on...
software,tool,hack tool,fix windows

There are several free tool in the market that can help you to fix your windows xp after virus attacks but i always come with complete package. Don't worry friends its also a free tool but using this you can recover almost every windows services and functionality within few seconds and that's also without formatting. Why i am telling all this is because we must know how to recover along with how to hack and hacking...

The features of the tool that i have discussed above is called QUICK FIX.
Quick fix is really an outstanding tool. Its an complete solution of a to z windows XP problems. You can recover back from all types of virus attacks using this tool.

Below are some Important Features:
1. Enable Task Manager
2. Enable Registry
3. Enable Folder Options
4. Restore missing run dialog
5. Enable Command Prompt(cmd)
6. Stop My Documents to open at start up
7. Restore Device manager.
8. Fix Delay at start up.
9 Fix Recovery Console
and much more....

So Guys why are you waiting Download Quick Fix and Fix your windows problems wasily in a single click..


I hope you all have liked this... If you have any queries ask me. (By Lokish)

Enable Telnet in Win 7

It’s very rare that I use Telnet these days, so it took a long time for me to notice that by default it was not packaged with Windows 7. I did some research and found out that this was also true for Windows Vista. More than likely this was an attempt to make Windows more secure by default, as Telnet is very insecure and whenever you have the choice you should always use SSH. However, with that being said, you can quickly re-enable Telnet by following these steps:

  1. Start
  2. Control Panel
  3. Programs And Features
  4. Turn Windows features on or off
  5. Check Telnet Client
  6. Hit OK
After that you can start Telnet via Command Prompt. Credits FettesPS

Send Sms From Friends Mobile To Any Number

Hello Friends, today i am sharing an awesome trick with you all. Today i will tell you how to send anonymous SMS i.e. How to send SMS from any mobile number to any mobile number that means how to send SMS from your friend's mobile to your mobile or your friends mobile to your friends mobile or any other number. Basically this technique is call SMS spoofing. By SMS spoofing we can send SMS to any mobile using anyone's mobile number. How this trick can be helpful?? its simple it is helpful when you wanna prank your friends, enemies or simply you want to send free SMS to your friends using their numbers only. So friends read on...

What is SMS Spoofing?
Spoofing is basically mimic of the original i.e. SMS spoofing basically is a technique to send anonymous SMS to any mobile number. By anonymous i means that we can use any mobile number to send the SMS. 

This is not actually a trick or hack but it's a service that a company is providing but the only thing the company forgot is internal send ID Check i.e. which number we are using to send SMS. So this service allows us to send SMS from any number to any number that means. Now the number that we register will be shown to the victim.
Hence we are exploiting the Internal sender ID phone verification feature.

Feature's of SMS spoofing:
  • Spoofed sms (any mobile number to any mobile number)
  • 100% anonymous  messages
  • Worldwide Network (i.e. we can send SMS all over the world)
  • No advertisements
  • Instant Delivery of SMS

How to use this Hack? 
1. First of all, register here . This website looks like this . Fill as i shown below:


2. After Registering you will get 25 free credits that means you can send 25 free SMS from any number to any number. For using it again register another mobile and email ID. 25 SMS is the limitation of this trick from one registered number.. Usually people have two to three sims.
3.  Now after registering you will receive password on registered mobile number.
4. Now login with that password that you got on mobile.
5. Now go to Send SMS to number . As shown in snapshot below:

6. After entering the details as explained in snapshot above. Click on send.
7. That's all the hack. I know its limited but its awesome...Isn't It..

I hope you all have enjoyed it.. Keep visiting friends for more such hacks...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Auto Blogging Software

Well, after a full week of use, I can only say that finally I found a valued software, powerful and easy to use !

After a simple installation, you can start adding your blogs into the software (I’ve more than 27 blogs all around !).
In a few seconds you are ready to publish fresh contents to your blog, through Auto Blogging Software.
You can decide if add automated contents, PLR files or written articles, specifying the date and the hour in which you want them to be published.

The Automated Contents option works very well, and it’s very easy to dominate it.
You only need to insert an RSS Feed and wait until the full articles, with images, are downloaded.
Then, you can decide which article publish, with or without linkback to original site.
All internal text links are removed on requests, so you can customize the ready articles as much as you like.

This software is really cool !

download now

How to Make Money with

Just done another new study case. This time we can make money after we shorten our URLs. It works same like Tinyrul. Its good and i like it because we can make money from that way. Its easy and only need a few click before it done. Then, just put it as a link at our article and generate traffic to that article. I believe you can earn money using that way. So, what is that website? It was called!
How to make money with I’m still not get money from yet. But i believe i can reach it soon if my promotion method go well. Hope it go just like i want. If not, i need to try others traffic tips in order to get more traffic into my articles. Hope many people will click my link and make money for me. So, the only way to earn money from this program is traffic!
We also can make money with program. They paying 20% from our referrals earning and its for lifetime. Thats what i like about Not only we can get shorten URLs service, we also can make money with in same time. Interesting right? I wonder how many of you already know about at this moment. Huh..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Find Out Who Is Accessing Your WiFi Network? [Software]

Someone is having access to your WiFi network will send chills down your spine, because, as you know, there are possibilities of your WiFi network manipulated in a blink of an eye — even if you have password-protected the WiFi connection. Sometimes you might be knowing that you WiFi network is been access by someone else.

The consequences of losing your WiFi network to others are obscure. Firstly, these WiFiintruders can steal your internet bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. But the gruesome part is where these intruders can have license to access your PC and fete upon your privacy.

Needless to say, you can evade these intruders by blocking access with the advanced router settings. However, if you are not sure if someone is actually stealing the internet from your WiFi network, then here is a freeware tool to help you out.

Zamzom wireless network tool scans the wireless range and shows the number of devices connected within the WiFi network. You can perform fast scan or deep scan to see the number of IP and MAC addresses of every computer that is connected to the WiFi.

The tool can be upgraded to paid (pro) version to access additional functionality, but I believe the free version should be enough to find out who is accessing your WiFi network and does a pretty good job in finding the WiFi intruders.

So, next time if your high speed internet connection is bogged down, or if you are suspicious if someone is accessing your WiFi network, then use the Zamzom wireless network tool to dig out the truth.

Download wireless network tool (Only for Windows OS).

Make shortcut for locking your desktop and keyboard

Sometimes you need to move away from computer quick without shutting it down. But there are some people around you, who you don't trust. How to keep them not to touch your computer? Lock it. OK, you can do that quick? Well, you'll do that if you have a shortcut on desktop for looking your computer desktop and keyboard. Just double-click on shortcut. And here's how you'll make that shortcut.

  1. Right-click on desktop. 
  2. Take "New > Shortcut". 
  3. "Create Shortcut Wizard" opened. 
  4. In text field, type: "rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation". 
  5. Next. 
  6. Name your shortcut as you like. 
  7. Finish.

Now, you have a shortcut for locking your desktop and keyboard. Here's how you'll change it's icon:

  1. Right-click on shortcut.
  2. Chose "Properties".
  3. Click on "Shortcut" card.
  4. Click "Change Icon".
  5. In "Look for icons in this file" field, type "Shell32.dll".
  6. OK
  7. Chose icon from list.
  8. OK.

Hidden Characters (Yahoo)

You won't find these any of this emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.
Now you can surprise your friends with these hidden characters.

EmoticonKey CombinationDescription
puppy dog eyes:o3puppy dog eyes
I don't know:-??I don't know
not listening%-(not listening
good luck%%-good luck
EmoticonKey CombinationDescription
money eyes$-)money eyes
feeling beat upb-(feeling beat up
peace sign:)>-peace sign
shame on you[-Xshame on you

EmoticonKey CombinationDescription
bring it on>:/bring it on
hee hee;))hee hee
not worthy^:)^not worthy
oh go on:-joh go on
yin yang(%)yin yang