Sunday, February 27, 2011

AlertPay is really a secretly managed company which was launched in 2004. Although they’re headquartered in Canada, they're authorized in the United States.

You might think that PayPal is the only company that provides online money transfers because they’re the one that’s most widely-used and also advertised. However there are alternatives to PayPal that you should be aware of, especially if you’re someone who does a lot of business online.

AlertPay won’t topple PayPal off the top of the mountain anytime in the near future, but they’re growing fast and increasing market share. AlertPay is really a independently owned company that was founded in 2004. Although they’re based in Canada, they're registered in the United States.

Their fees, on the whole, are higher than PayPal’s, although AlertPay users won’t encounter high chargeback rates like they'll when using some other online money transfer companies. Generally, AlertPay’s fees come in under fees for 2checkout, which makes them a fantastic option.

If you’re an internet based merchant, you need to take a look at AlertPay, because their merchant rates are extremely affordable and they don’t charge outrageous up-front costs that normally come when implementing a merchant account. Additionally, AlertPay is a wonderful alternative for small, online business owners because gateway fees, SSL certificates, shopping carts and web site integration aren’t cost effective for business owners who're just getting started.

One worry that lots of people have when it comes to online money transfers is the safety of their funds, and with AlertPay, you can rest assured simply because funds that’s placed in a registered AlertPay account is covered by the FDIC and also the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.

AlertPay also employs a policy called, Know Your Customer. This insurance policy ensures that each account is protected by keeping the identity of the account holder private.
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