Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Hack Zynga Poker (Trick)

This method works with IE and Firefox.
Important: I'm doing it with IE but you can follow the same steps to do it with Firefox!

Here we go:

1) Open IE and go to this link :

2) It's an official Zynga Game Bar. Download it and install it. (It's adware and spyware FREE!)

3) Once you are done installing you'll see this bar:

4) Now click on the 'facebook icon' on the toolbar and you'll get this:

5) Login using your account.

6) Once you login the toolbar kind of refreshed in 5-10 seconds and you see a green 'play now' button.

7) Click that. It'll take you to the Zynga App.

You'll now get $25k, click on the green 'Accept $25k' button :

9) Now close IE (just from the close button)

10) Open IE again. Now click the 'facebook icon' again and it'll again ask you for a login.

11) Now enter a different account and repeat steps 4-8.

12) You'll get 25k AGAIN!

13) You can do this with UNLIMITED accounts and then keep transferring chips to one account.

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