Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to remain saved from hackers (Basic Anti Hacking Guide)

How to be saved from hackers
First of all I will tell you that usually how these hackers work.
They put some program or some files on your computer. These files are sent to your computer by any mean i.e. by sending you a link or by sending you a file or through any other mean.
These are the means of hacking of 3rd or 2nd class hackers which use to hack personnel computers.
And we only need to have a check on them.
So how we can stop them to hack our personal computers.
We should do following things to stop them.
• They usually use a logging program or key logger se we have to detect it in our computer by putting some good antivirus or internet security because many of them are detected and neutralized by these programs . Always keep your antivirus program up to date.
• We should check all of our running processes through task manager and if found any suspicious process then immediately stop it.
• All these key loggers or hacking programs use internet so we have to check that which program is using internet. For this purpose there are a lot of programs, one of them is “TCPview”. Use this program to detect that which program or process is using internet. If found some suspicious process which is using internet immediately stop that process.
After doing all this you can use internet for your personal accounts.
HINT: don’t open your personal accounts on shared networks i.e. internet cafes etc.
I hope it will help you ;) THANKS TO ALL & HAPPY EARNING :)

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