Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monetize your twitter/blogging links using Adfly

Adfly is a link-shortening service (like which will pay you a small sum for each click ($4/1000clicks) on your link. When someone clicks on your link they are first directed to a full page ad with a "skip" button in the top right hand corner, after clicking this they are then sent to the original link destination.

This won't earn you massive sums of money, but it is great for earning small amounts of cash for something you would normally not be paid for at all, there is also a referral service which gives you 20% of the earnings of each person that signs up under you, for life.

This is great to use for social networking and blogging sites, especially Twitter, so I suggest you check it out.

Here's an example of a shortened link to VB:

Here is a link to sign up to the service:

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