Sunday, February 27, 2011 - Highest Paying network around $65/1000 downloads

UserShare can be used to store and stream movies and most audio formats (such as MP3, M4A, MKV, RNVB, WAV, MIDI and more). UserShare offers an array of features and updated everyday. UserShare boasts the highest payouts and operates one of the fastest networks in the business.

Speed Test Here:

Here are our rates (We count all countries!):

List of Country Groups (A, B, C, D) available here:

FAQ Answered:

*Free users download unlimted

*NOT 1 ip per 24hr, but 1 ip per unique file( If 10 different files are downloaded by the same ip it is counted)

*Hotlink downloads counted (This means when you hotlink a file and its downloaded, its counted and money given)

*Free hotlink bandwidth given

*Free User storage space =500GB

*Premium User storage space = Unlimited

*Free/Registered Users can use FTP , just activate in their account

*Rapid leech plugin can be downloaded here (working on being fixed)

*Payments made every 3 days

Questions and comments can be asked here or via our Live Support on
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