Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[BHN DL] WSO 10 PLR Blogs Direct Download

**** WOW! I just got word from Mike Lantz that he's going to make this WSO a coveted "WSO Of The Day" so I'm putting a price freeze at $17 for another 24 hours!! ****

*** These Are NEW Niche Blogs - Not The Same As My Other WSO! ***


Time For More Money With Less Work? Read On...

My name is Scott Inman and I've been a professional web designer, internet marketer, & SEO specialist since 2005. Building niche sites for clients (and myself) is what I do, and do darn well if I may say so

I've been working with wordpress since 2007 and as many of you know, Wordpress is absolutely brilliant for getting a website up quickly without any technical knowledge.

Now Sure, installing Wordpress with Fantastico is relatively straight forward but the downside is...

It's like a BLANK canvas!

You still have to locate and install a theme, install plugins, find affiliate programs to promote, get content, upload banners, find royalty free images (or pay for them!), configure for SEO, the list goes on and on and on!!!

Depending on your experience, this could take you HOURS, or even DAYS!

...and that's only if you manage to do everything "right".

It's no wonder people throw their hands up in frustration and quit...but, that doesn't have to be you!

Here’s why:

I've created a set of "IM Perfect" Wordpress PLR Niche Blogs that only take a few minutes to install, are easy to navigate, and work like a charm.


Ok, enough of the hype, here is the direct download page link:
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