Friday, March 4, 2011

[FREE REPORT] How to Get Hot, Targeted Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Are You Getting the Most Out of Yahoo Answers?

Check out the "Common Sense Marketing" free report to find out!

Yahoo Answers takes a lot of crap - some people say it's too time-consuming, while others say that it doesn't drive enough targeted traffic.

I say they just don't know what they're doing!

Responding to user questions on Yahoo Answers is a major part of my marketing arsenal - I love the steady stream of targeted traffic that using this site correctly can provide. And it's free! Who doesn't love free?
In this report, I'll cover -
  • How to set yourself up for success with Yahoo Answers
  • Easy ways to connect with the poster for maximum clickthroughs
  • The one thing that will dramatically boost your conversions
  • The follow up secrets that most people forget (and why they miss out on more targeted traffic!)
Check it out now - no opt-in required!

What is Common Sense Marketing?

Common Sense Marketing is a new series of reports from New Arbor Enterprise, one of the leading article writing companies in IM today. While working with some of the top names in internet marketing, we've learned a lot about online marketing - lessons we've translated into major success on our own websites.

The Common Sense Marketing reports have been designed to share some of these lessons, including topics that:

a) Drive targeted traffic as cheaply as possible, and
b) Provide value for the user, as well as the marketer

Common Sense Marketing - No BS, No Hype, Just Solid, Effective Marketing Strategies!
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