Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Tool - Find Blogs for Backlinking Comments

A tool that I use to find certain types of blogs for backlinking. I use this all the time for myself to find blogs on which I can comment.

Tip #1: DO NOT SPAM! READ the blog post, and make a RELEVANT comment…more than just “nice post” spam.

Tip #2: See Tip #1.

Tip #3: In most cases, use your targeted keyword phrase as your Name to have the blog link to your URL with the keyword phrase as anchor text. The major exception to this is when you are posting on a blog with KeywordLuv. Then use the format NAME@Keyword Phrase. They will display your name, and link your URL.

Tip #4: When you get the results, do not simply click the link from Google to that site. Many blogs use a plugin that checks to see if you have arrived at their site as a result of searching the phrase “KeywordLuv” or “CommentLuv”. Instead, either copy and paste the URL from the Google Search Results Pages into another tab or window, or just type in the URL and search the blog for the post on which you wish to comment.

Tip #5: See Tip #1.

Tip #6: When looking for Top Commenter blogs, leave all the other settings to the default. Then when you visit the blog, find the Top Commentator widget and see how many comments it will take to make it onto that list to see if it’s worth it. Make the required number of comments and get your link on EVERY page of that blog!

Tip #6: Good luck, enjoy, use wisely, and PROFIT!

There are instructions and the tool on this page:
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