Monday, April 25, 2011

9Million USA Business Email Marketing List

The most complete US Business E-mail Marketing List with 9 Million records.
Most Powerful way to Sell your Online Services, Products Easily.
  • » Business Data from all 51 US States. (ex. AK, NY, OK, TX, FL)
  • » Evey Record includes: Business Type, Company Name, E-mail, Website, Address, Phone and Fax Number.
  • » Unlimited Usage - you can use the list to sell your new products over and over.
  • » CSV File (supported by MS Excel) with Instant Download - Start you mailing on the fly.
Why Email Marketing?
One of the most important advantages of Email Marketing is that it is very affordable and quicker direct marketing channel. The geographical boundaries are not the constraint, hence provides the global reach efficiently.

Email marketing will be a great help to your business by way of selling to new prospective clients and customers as well as to existing ones. You can also promote and advertise your products, services and your affiliates. Email marketing will also provide your customers and clients with information about your business, its latest news and innovations and upcoming events. You can also create surveys, polls and customer feedback.

Reasons why email marketing is a direct marketers dream.
1. Cheap delivery because of the elimination of paper, envelopes and stamps.
2. Easy and quick to deliver because there will be no waiting in line at the post office, you just sit and click and it's delivered.
3. Targeting capabilities which give you the option to target your prospective customers and clients.
4. Ability to keep track of email results. You can check the result of your email campaign almost immediately.
5. Builds familiarity, loyalty, trust and credibility with your clients through an ongoing relationship as you inform and entertain your clients.
6. An eco-friendly way to market your products and services.
There are other ways to promote your business on the internet but none as fast, efficient and cost effective as email marketing.

$499 - $49 Only
Instant Download - Immediately After Payment
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