Friday, July 1, 2011

[GET] Comment Blaster v1.4 - Mini ScrapeBox

Comment Blaster New Blog Commenting Software (Free Scrapebox Alternative)

Blog commenting one of the easiest, effective and free way of getting high quality backlinks. Manual blog commenting can take a lot a time so leave it in the hands of Comment Blaster. Comment Blaster is a url harvester and blog commenter. If you are reading this then I guess I don't have to explain about commenting and how time consuming it is, so lets see the features of this program:

Spinner Text Support:
It supports spinned text for profile information to create many variations and reduce footprints.
URL harvester
Search for the blogs that you would like to comment on from the software
Auto blog commenter
Select the blogs and with a click of a button the software comments on hundreds of blogs. Absolutely no human intervention necessary!

Proxy support
Use proxy to hide your a$$ :p

Updated Screenshots:

Change Logs!
Comment Blaster v1.2
Page Rank Checker 
Check the page rank of the website you are going to comment on.

Auto Project backup and recovery
Accidentally closed the tool? Or, did the tool crash? Now whatever you do is saved periodically so that you dont lose your precious data. And in this game, repeating something is very costly, if you know what I mean. From your time to the duplicate comments that raise alarms on blogs.

Find highly relevant blogs
Search that drives this powerful tool has been tweaked so it will find only what you need.
Comment Blaster v1.3
Built in proxy checker [NEW]
Harvest upto 1000 links at a time! Previously only upto 100 was possible. [NEW]
Comment Blaster v1.4
Post comments at blazing speed! 2X faster than previous releases.
More accurate comments status checking
System Requirements
.NET Framework 2 or later
Tested in Win XP (SP2 and SP3) and Win 7

If you cannot run the software then try copying the following files in the application directory
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