Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How I DOUBLED My Facebook Fans Overnight!

You know how some fan pages have a page where you have to "Like" the page before you can access its contents? Well that's what I did, and I'm about to show you how you can do the same, for free.

I'm going to assume that you have a fan page setup already.

1) Go to Static IFRAME Tab | Facebook and click on "Install Page Tab". Select the fan page you wish to add a tab too, then click on "Add Static IFRAME Tab".

2) You should be redirected to your fan page. On the left hand menu, you should see a new link that says "Welcome". Click on that.

3) From here, you should see some options to customize the page. The first one is the content your fans will see. There are 4 options:
  • URL - This lets you load a URL from a different website to show on the page.
  • Redirect - You can take the viewer away from your fan page to a completely different website if you so choose.
  • Image - This option lets you upload an image to serve as the content.
  • HTML - And this option lets you enter HTML/Text, so you basically get to add a completely customizable page.
If you're giving away a free report or something, you can simply select the "URL" option and copy/paste the URL of your download page. However, I recommend the "HTML" option, as it offers all kinds of possibilities for customization.

4) The next option is captioned "Non-Fan Page Source". By default, it's turned off. You'll want to turn it on if you want to restrict access to non-fans. You have the same options as above (except for redirect).

All of these options are great, but I personally recommend using the "Image" option. You can then take a screenshot of your landing page, blur it in photoshop, and then attach a sticky note saying something to the effect of: "I have a special gift for you on the other side...and all you have to do to get is click the "Like" button above!"

5) Click on "Save Settings" and see how it looks. You can view the page as a fan and a non-fan. If you want to change the name of your tab, then go here for instructions: Help

A couple of tips

1) Do you have Aweber? Well, if you select the HTML option for fan viewers, you can do this; let them download the first chapter of your report, then offer the rest of the report if they opt-in to your list. You can easily integrate your aweber form using this option.

2) Following the above, you can use a sharing widget such as "addthis" so people can share your "secret" page with other people. The one weakness of the "fans only" page is that there aren't any sharing options. There's also no options for commenting or leaving feedback, so you should look into various options into fixing that.

Would you like to see all of this in action?

Here's my fan page: ezEarn.info - SEO Services. This is a live example of what I was teaching you about. Click on the "Like" button to see the "fans only" page. If you "Unlike" the page however, then you see the non-fans page.

Before I implemented this, I had 10 fans. In just one night, that grew to 21 fans. So I really did double my fans overnight! LOL!

All kidding aside, this is definitely a great way to increase the number of fans for your fan page, or the fan pages for your offline clients.

Good luck :)
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