Monday, July 4, 2011

SEnuke X Discount - Save 30%

SEnuke X Discount

Don’t Pay $147 – Pay ONLY $110

Here at SEnuke x Discount, we are paid commissions to sell and promote SEnuke x which has just been released. Due to popular demand, we have put together this website which allows you to claim a unique senuke x discount. Claiming your SEnuke x discount is simple. If you purchase senuke x through our link, we receive your transaction details which allows us to trace your purchase.

Once we have determined that you have purchased through our links, we will pay you our comission. That means you ONLY pay $110 instead of the usual $147. Also if you buy Senuke in the NEXT week through our affiliate link,we will give you a $10 rebate for every month you subscribe to SEnuke. That means you ONLY pay $137 a month! That’s a saving of $120 a year.

SEnuke x Discount – How it Works

Here at SEnuke x Discount, we are paid approximately 30% in commissions for any sale through our links. To attract buyers to this great product, we decided to give our commission back to the buyer in the form of a rebate. This means you will ONLY pay $110 instead of $147 for the first month. But that’s not all! If you buy SEnuke x this week through our link we will pay you $10 of our commission every month. That means you only will pay $137 instead of $147 a month. So how do you claim your discount?

-          Step 1: Bookmark this site.
-          Step 2: Clear your cache. Click here for a guide.
-          Step 3: Buy senuke x through any link on this page. SEnuke X Discount
-          Step 4: Send me this detail "subscription id, paypal email and subscription type.
-          Step 5: Receive payment in nominated pay pal account*

* You will not receive your payments until after the 30 day money back guarantee.
* If you order the 14 day free trial we cannot trace your purchase. We can only monitor you purchase after you have made one full monthly payment. Only then can you make a claim

SEnuke X Review First Impressions

I have never used senuke before but I have been reading some feedback lately on forums and so forth and everyone is saying senuke x is the product to beat for all seo automation. So I decided to check out the 14 day free trial and I have been nothing but impressed. The wizard feature alone is worth more then what they are charging as it allows you to create in in-depth link network which gives you a ton of natural and high pr backlinks. Below is an image of the link network I created which is pointing to one of my money sites.
This link network took me about 10 minutes to create and about 3 hours to write the articles needed. Currently I have scheduled this network for slow release over 4 weeks and the end result from this network alone is going to be over 2000 links which all point towards 30 blog sites which then point towards my money site. What would normally take months only took about 3 hours and now I will have 30 or more high PR blogs pushing my money site to page one of Google.
My overall opinion of SEnuke x is amazing and a must buy if your looking to make big money. However, if you are not convinced or a little unsure, Senuke x is offering a 14 day free trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t forget you can also get a SEnuke x discount from us!
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