Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Traffic Travis Pro 4 Latest Download

Traffic Travis is a complete keyword research and website tracking/analysis tool. The new version of Traffic Travis has been designed to provide a much better and more intuitive user experience, combined with more features and much more accurate results and statistics.

What exactly has Traffic Travis 4 to Offer  :

Keyword Tools : The Keyword Finder and Keyword Sorter are used to get keyword suggestion, save them to a list and sort them easily to generate small butb highly targeted sets of keywords! Can perfectly be used to setup highly targeted PPC ads, auto blogs or your free SEO campaign!

Search Engine Tools :
This part of Traffic Travis provides you with a lot of information from the search engines, like your websites ranking for a unlimited list of keywords, the number and value of your backlinks (+ a lot more information like anchor text,do/no-follow and a lot more..). You can also use this tool to track your websites ranking over a greater period of time.

PPC Analysis : Here you find tools to perform in depht keyword analysis, you can check which keywords are used to trigger ads, which keywords are used by specific websites and a lot more…

Page Analysis : This tool informs you about all onpage SEO factors you can think of! It also gives your website a rating to show you how you site performs in the eyes of the search engine bots.

SEO Competition Analysis : Want to know if you can rank for a specific keyword? This tool shows you in depht how difficult it would be to rank for an specific keyword or keyphrase.

The Adsense Finder : This brand new (and unique as I know) modul of Traffic Travis makes it possible to laser target your Adsense content network advertising. Locate high traffic and very related niche websites to place your banner or text ad on! This is in fact almost completely underused at this time, why to pay fora random placement, when you can choose the best places easily by using Traffic Travis 4!

Traffic Travis 4.0 shows you highly ranked websites for your target search terms all showing Adsense ads, it also shows you which ad formats are supported and a lot more…
Traffic Travis 4.0 is a complete solution for your market und niche research, keyword research and website tracking and analysis needs.
By using Traffic Travis 4 you´ll
  • Uncover onpage SEO mistakes on your websites easily.
  • Drive hords of free targeted search engine traffic to your website, just by targeting the right low competition keywords!
  • Create detailed reports about nearly all aspects of your websites search engine optimization, link building results and PPC analysis.
  • Uncover hidden advertising oppertunities inside the Google content network
Original Sales Page: http://www.traffictravis.com/
Original Sales Price: $77
Version: 4.0
Price: Included in SEO Tools Bundle
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