Thursday, January 19, 2012

[METHOD] Using Twitter and Content Locking to generate massive revenue!

DISCLAIMER: I could preach about how I earn thousands daily and you can too by following my process, but the truth is that you'll earn exactly what you deserve, and not a penny more. You don't need to work countless hours to achieve huge profits, you just need to work smarter

Let's begin!

It's no secret that celebrities have a very large presence on Twitter. Just look at this screenshot:

Now you could waste time spamming Twitter users with Free IPad or IPhone offers, OR you could harness the incredible amount of traffic these Twitter users generate and make some real money.

1) The first step is to pick your target, for this example we'll be using Justin Bieber (ranked #2 on that list).

2) Next, we'll choose (or better yet) create a hot topic. We want something that will grab the attention of many, something shocking, but not necessarily true. This is Black Hat World and we do shady things, don't let this be an exception.

After searching around for information on Bieber, I noticed that he was accused of drug possession, so I decided to exploit that. I searched around for photos of kids in his age group that had been arrested so that I may find something that looks even just a little bit like Justin.

The charges were for Marijuana, but that's not nearly as exciting as Cocaine. So I One Upped it! After some very poor Photoshop editing, I came up with this:

You'll notice that I added what appears to be scrolling text. This will lead visitors to believe it's actually a video. I suggest using parts of catchy words at the beginning and end of these messages to generate further curiosity!

3) Now we'll post this image on one of our blogs with a catchy header:

"Justin Bieber was arrested at 7:18 this morning on drug charges. This is the hottest video on the internet and we’ve got it right here!"

4) Now, all we need to do is lock this "video" with a CPA offer and drive traffic to it via Twitter. A few notes on this step:

For CPA offers, I like to use Zip submits because I've found that users are MUCH more likely to enter their zip code to see something quickly because providing an e-mail address typically leads to spam. These offers may pay roughly 50% less but they convert at least four times better which is all you should really care about. At the end of the day, that's more money in your pocket.

Driving traffic:

You may use any Twitter marketing software you wish, but I've had the most success with Tweet Attacks (Click Here to get)

Using the "Wait and Reply" module, send tweets with messages like:
Justin Bieber was busted for selling Cocaine

Then spin it to something like:

{Justin Bieber|Bieber|Justin} was {busted for selling|caught using|found selling} Cocaine!

and include your link at the end. Use or something similar and make the links unique in Tweet Attacks by checking the "make links unique" button

These messages should target users searching for:

Justin Bieber
I hate Justin Bieber (because people talking about that will LOVE this sort of stuff)
I love Justin Bieber (loyal fans will be too curious, they won't be able to resist the temptation to view this content even if they think it's fake)

Of course, this is nothing more than an image, but if you make them believe it's a video and they're forced to fill out an offer to find out whether or not it's legit, you'll bank on their curiosity!

Locking the content

This can be done using sites like Blamads, OR by using your own content locker. I suggest using Content Lock Pro but the decision is entirely up to you. At the end of the day, the goal is simply to drive curious visitors to your tempting locked content and make bank while you sleep. Isn't Black Hat Marketing amazing?

You could copy this exact method and make money, more than enough to cover the cost of your investments in essential Blackhat marketing tools. However, I suggest you take the concept and create your own method. By forcing yourself to build your own methods based on proven concepts, you'll become a better marketer and benefit from it in the long run.

But you won't make a penny if you move on to the next thread and waste time, so what are you waiting for? Go take action RIGHT NOW!
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